Garbage & Recycling

No person shall deposit any garbage, refuse or recyclables for municipal collection prior to Noon the day before the scheduled collection date.

Garbage and recycling shall be removed by Noon of the following day of pick-up, on the tree lawn or the end of the driveway.

Large/Big Item Collection - Harter's will have large/big item pickup on Tuesday or Wednesday of the same weeks as Recycling.
Please call (888) 804-8556 for pricing and to make arrangements for the pickup.

Damaged or broken bin call Harter's at (888) 804-8556

Disposal of Other Recyclable Materials

  • Batteries: Auto batteries should be returned to the retailer.
  • Motor Oil: Motor Oil can be placed in oil container at the City Street Shop, 207 First Street.  Do not mix solvents or other materials with oil.​