Mission Statement

It is the mission of the City of Kewaunee Police Department to create a relationship with the citizens of our community in order to work in a cooperative effort with the clear objective to reduce crime, protect the rights of our citizens, protect property from theft or damage, and preserve the public peace. Our duty is to do so professionally, respectfully, and fairly in an open and transparent manner, consistent with the freedoms secured by the Constitution.


Law Enforcement has been present in Kewaunee since the very early years, with records showing Marshal William Halstead active in 1873. Unfortunately, there are few records going back that far in history. Since Kewaunee became a village in 1873, there have been 28 Marshals/Police Chiefs and approximately 150 officers who have served on the Kewaunee Police Department.

In early history, there were typically two officers on the department. They were called the City Marshal (Police Chief) and the Night Watchman (Deputy Marshal/Assistant Chief). Their duties reached far beyond law enforcement. Some of their duties included tending to the harbor bridge and keeping the city lights burning from dusk to dawn. They had to ensure that all cisterns were filled and always ready for emergencies. During the winter, they were to cut holes in the river so that water was available in case of fire. The salary for the Marshal was $35.00/month. The Night Watchman made $30/month.

Over the years the department has continued to grow and adapt to the needs of the city. Today, the Kewaunee Police Department consists of six full time officers, and four part time officers.

Contact Information

The officers can be contacted at the following emails:

Chief Robin A. Mueller: 

[email protected]

Officer Scott J. Szydel: 

[email protected]

Officer Kaelyn N. Schlies:

[email protected]

Officer Kelin Charles:

[email protected]


Officer Cody A. Gulbrand

[email protected]

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Winter Parking

Kewaunee City Ordinance prohibits the parking of vehicles on all city streets between the hours of 1:00 A.M. – 6:00 A.M., December 1st through April 1st.  You may call the Kewaunee Police Department at (920) 388-5010 for permission to park overnight if necessary.