Kewaunee Area Ambulance Service

Joining The Ambulance Crew

​If you are interested in joining the ambulance crew, contact either

Director Deb Pribek at (920) 255-1436 or via email at [email protected] 

or Assistant Director Brooklyn VanLanen at (920) 366-2919 or via email at

The Kewaunee Area Ambulance Service was established in 1987. Today, they operate at the EMT Intermediate Technician level and cover approximately 1/3 of Kewaunee County with more than 30 EMTs and drivers, and three squads.  The service averages 340 calls per year. In 2020 we have responded to 460 calls.

“Our coverage area includes the Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant with another nuclear plant just a few miles outside of our territory,” states Joe Steiner, Advanced EMT and co-director of Kewaunee Area Ambulance Service.  “This necessitates special annual training and drills with radiation exposure protocols.”

Other response capabilities include an ATV and rescue sled, enabling efficient access and services to the county’s ATV park and sledding/tubing hill.  The ATV was donated by community partner, Simonar Sports, Inc. in Luxemburg.

Additional equipment is funded with the help of a popular drive-thru fish fry that the group hosts twice a year.  They serve over 1,000 fish dinners and raise about $5,000 with each event.  Over the past several years they have been able to purchase much needed equipment totaling over $50,000.

Beyond fundraising, Kewaunee Area Ambulance Service supports health, safety and fun at community events including the annual polar bear plunge – where they have care, and free hot chocolate, ready to go.

As published in the Aurora EMS Connection, Winter 2015

Billing Questions

Any billing questions should be directed to LifeQuest Services at 1-800-786-4911.